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Kazu Kibuishi is an American graphic novel author and illustrator. He is best known for being the author and illustrator of the ongoing Amulet series. He is also the creator and editor of the comic anthology Flight and  the webcomic Copper.

Amy Kim   Kibuishi

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Amy Kim Kibuishi graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a degree in Cartooning and is the creator of Sorcerers & Secretaries, a graphic novel duology. The first volume was a YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens selection. She was also a contributor to the acclaimed Flight anthology series edited by Kazu Kibuishi, and she adapted a story for Goosebumps: Terror Trips by R.L. Stine. Amy lives near San Antonio with her husband, Kazu, and their two children. Her latest book is Realm of the Blue Mist: A Graphic Novel (The Rema Chronicles #1).
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Brian Shearer

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Brian has worked on comic book titles such as GI JOE, TRANSFORMERS, DOCTOR WHO, STAR TREK, GHOSTBUSTERS and more. Other projects include his creator owned comics WILLIAM THE LAST, and GUNSHIP THUNDERPUNCH. You can catch him on YouTube almost daily during art livestreams and browse though his library or art tips/tutorials.
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Erin Nicole Lundquist

Erin Nicole Lundquist is a SAG-E, Latina, LGBTQIA+ voice actor with 7 years experience collaborating on video game, film, animation, and audio drama productions. You may recognize her from the Moonbug show Go Buster! as Amber The Ambulance, the Official WEBTOON Dub of Lore Olympus as Minthe, the VR MMO Zenith: The Last City as Lyra, the anime AFK Arena: Tales of Esperia as Shemira, and Doing Justice by Preet Bharara.
Erin describes herself as a professional nerd.  Having initially entered the entertainment world behind the scenes as a costume designer and art director, she fell in love with the world of audio and has since dedicated herself to developing her craft as an actor.  In addition to working as an actor, Erin teaches voice acting alongside Crispin Freeman in his Voice Acting Mastery workshops. She currently splits her time between her homes in Los Angeles, CA and Texas.
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Mari Mancusi

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Mari Mancusi is a former Emmy award winning TV producer and author of more than two dozen sci-fi/fantasy books for kids, teens and adults. Her bestselling series have been chosen as featured selections in the Scholastic Book Fairs and clubs and have been selected by the American Library Association as “Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers” and “Popular Paperbacks.” In addition to writing, Mari is an avid cosplayer, horror aficionado, and MMORPG gamer. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and their young daughter. 
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Bryan & Selah Douglas

Bryan & Selah Douglas are a married couple in Austin who create their own all-ages superhero comic book series, The Dimensionals, which stars four super-powered young girls. Bryan is the writer/illustrator, and Selah provides colors as well as story and art editing.
Join Pathway Comics and learn to make an original, four-panel comic strip, starring your own original characters. 



P. J. (Tricia) Hoover wanted to be a Jedi, but when that didn't work out, she became an electrical engineer instead. After a fifteen year bout designing computer chips for a living, P. J. started creating worlds of her own. She's the award-winning author of PROBLEM SOLVERS: 15 Innovative Women Engineers and Coders, and Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life, featuring a fourteen-year-old King Tut who's stuck in middle school. Under the Connor Hoover pseudonym, she is also the author of the popular Pick Your Own Quest series, which are Choose Your Own Adventure style interactive adventures perfect for everyone. When not working on her own writing, P. J. writes science curriculum articles and edits amazing manuscripts for other authors. P. J. loves spending time practicing kung fu, fixing things around the house, and solving Rubik's cubes.
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Heather Zauner & Kyera Sapp

Heather and Kyera are lifelong friends, even though they only met this year! They immediately discovered that what they have in common is a love for NerdvanaCon, anything to do with anime or manga, having fun, and most importantly, CATS!!!
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Stacie Tharp

Stacie is a librarian with over 25 years of experience in education. She loves all things Sci-Fi and crafty!

She will have a display of several Amigurumi characters, crochet hooks, yarn, print-outs of crochet basics/patterns, as well as how-to videos. Learn the basics of Amigurumi and be inspired to create them on your own!



Vince is a Taft alumni who has been pursuing a lot of art for the last decade. Vince is always excited to engage in art and loves to paint and doodle the hours away.
Come paint a fun and relaxing scene! Step-by-step instructions will enable every attendee to walk away with a masterpiece!
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Nalanie Martinez & Matthew Martini

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We are two students who are, like others, broke, and want to share how we draw and animate on a budget.
Nalanie will give an overview of the programs Ibis Paint X, Krita, and possibly Blender.
Martini will give an overview of the programs Metabang and OpenToonz
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Ben Bender

Ben is the creator of the all-ages adventure comedy series, Beorn! He currently lives in Austin, is married to a Good Witch and is father to a Gremlin Princess.
In his session, you will take an in-depth look at how to develop a comic and turn it into a successfully published book.

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Daniel Saldivar

Daniel works in film production at White Rhino VFX studio. Join him as he presents on how to make a film.
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