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Get your needles and threads ready for the 2019 Nerdvana Con Cosplay Contest! Students who have created (mostly) their own cosplay costumes may compete! Cosplay Contest Rules.

NISD dress code will be enforced for all attendees regardless of participation in the Cosplay Contest. 


Laura Lara (Nana Cosplay)

Cosplay Chair/Cosplay Judge

Nana Cosplay is proof that there are no boundaries to cosplay. She entered her first Cosplay Contest as Darth Talon at Wizard World Austin at age 50 and won First Place Female! Since then she has placed at numerous contests, acquiring enough first places to gain the title Master Costumer. Having sewed historical costumes for 30 years, she particularly enjoys mash-ups of popular characters wearing clothing from different time periods. She regularly attends San Japan where she shared her award winning Transforming Elsa cosplay. As the Ward ES librarian, she gets to wear costumes to teach as well. You can see more of her work on Facebook and Instagram @NanaCosplay1957.

Tris Ramirez

Emcee/Cosplay Judge

My name is Tris, I've been Cosplaying for over six years. I've come a long way since I first started. In the beginning, I bought used clothes from Goodwill stores and cut them into what I called outfits. Through years of practice and determination, I've gained knowledge and experience to now sew intricate designs and outfits along with adding some makeup skills to top it off. I try to make Cosplay more than just "putting on a outfit". To me, there are a few things that make a Cosplay live up to its full potential; hard work and effort, craftsmanship, embodiment of the character, and most importantly Cosplay Confidence. Cosplay is an art, and should be carried out with confidence.


Justin Moses, Cosplay Judge

Justin Moses has been a cosplayer since 2015. He specializes in 3D printing and prop making. When creating costumes and props, he uses metals, plastics, leather, wood, and other materials. His custom Mandalorian was created using the hood of a truck, to add to his list of creative materials. Justin is 28-years-old and currently resides in the Texas Hill Country.

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