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Mari Mancusi

Mari Mancusi always wanted a dragon as a pet. Unfortunately the fire insurance premiums proved a bit too large and her house a bit too small--so she chose to write about them instead. Today she works as an award-winning young adult author and freelance television producer, for which she has won two Emmys.

When not writing about fanciful creatures of myth and legend, Mari enjoys traveling, cosplay, snowboarding, watching cheesy (and scary) horror movies, and her favorite guilty pleasure—playing videogames. A graduate of Boston University, she lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Jacob, daughter Avalon, and their two dogs.

David Liss

David Liss is the author of eleven novels, most recently Renegades, the third book in the Randoms space opera trilogy for younger readers.   His previous bestselling books include A Conspiracy of Paper, which is now being developed for television.  Liss is the author of numerous superhero and science fiction comics, including Mystery Men, Jinnrise and Angelica Tomorrow.

NOW ON SALE: Rebels.  "Grade-A geeky fun!" Kirkus Reviews
In paperback: Randoms.  "A romp of a space opera."  Publishers Weekly

In paperback: The Day of Atonement - One of the best novels of the year -- Library Journal and The Seattle Times

Angelica Tomorrow #s 1-6

Green Hornet: Reign of the Demon trade paperback

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J. R. Knoll

J. R. Knoll is a Texas novelist from Blanco, Texas, a second generation Blanco Panther and has sons who are third generation Panthers, and has been married to Tami Knoll for 11 years. Still working at The Home Depot in Dripping Springs, Knoll writes when time and inspiration collide.

Patrick Neal

Patrick Neal is an indie author who writes sci-fi, horror, dark fantasy, and paranormal nonfiction. He weaves life events into his stories, imparting a sense of thrill and adventure, fitting the reader into the main character's shoes.

Clancy Weeks

Clancy Weeks is a composer by training, and an author only in his fevered imagination. Having read SF/F for nearly fifty years, he figured “What the hell, I can do that,” and has set out to prove that, well… maybe not so much. His first novel, Sleepers, published by Netherworld Books, hit the market this summer.

Christopher Galbreath

I am the writer and creator of the online comic Center Lane. I am native to San Antonio and have been working on Center Lane since November 2013 with Brazillian artist Rafa Lee. 

The difference between high school and the real world? Not as much as you want to admit. Check out Center Lane from the start...

My name is Enos L. Russell, Ph.D. I write under the name E L Russell and I am a Raconteur, Writer, Author, Publisher, and Marketer of eBooks and Paperback books. As a Lifetime member of the Houston Writers Guild I publish my own stories, using Entanglement Publishing. I help other writers format the interior of their eBooks and print on demand Paperback books using Entanglement Publications.

E L Russell

Libbi Duncan

Libbi Duncan is a Young Adult author, Middle School English teacher, and U.S. Army veteran who graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a degree in Modern Languages. When she's not reading or writing, she enjoys hiking, camping, painting, playing video games, watching movies, cosplaying, and traveling. Her debut novel "The Scorching" follows Madi, a day-dreaming teen from Pax Lunar Colony, as she returns to a post-apocalyptic Earth to find her missing parents.

John C. Payne

John C. Payne was born in Chicago but moved to Wisconsin as a youth. He is a retired service member of the US Army and successfully operated three small businesses in the past. John was an adjunct professor in business, at several universities and spent many post-military years in the field of health care administration. He holds a B.S. degree from St. Norbert College in DePere, WI, and a Masters in Public Health Administration from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

John C. Payne

Trakena Prevost

Trakena Prevost is from the great state of Texas, where everything IS bigger. She spends time running after her young son, trying to annoy her husband to distraction, and being completely obsessed with reading. She also happens to write the fantastic stories rumbling around in her head – mostly to quiet the voices there. When not writing, Trakena works in HR and spends time with family.

David Reed

David Reed is an award-winning indie author and game designer. He has published fiction in fantasy, contemporary, and science fiction. Published tabletop roleplaying games include contemporary urban fantasy and science fiction settings.

Xavier Garza

Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, author and luche libre aficionado Xavier Garza is a prolific author, artist, and storyteller whose work focuses primarily on his experiences growing up in the small border town of Rio Grande City. Garza has exhibited his art and performed his stories in venues throughout Texas, Arizona and the state of Washington. Garza lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife Irma and their young son Vincent. 

Some of his books include Creepy Creatures and Other CucuysLucha Libre: The Man in the Silver Mask, Charro Claus & the Tejas KidMaximilian and the Mystery of the Guardian Angel, and The Great and Might NikkoThe American Library Association chose Maximilian as a 2012 Pura Belpré Author Honor Book.

L. Palmer writes The Pippington Tales, a series where motorcars bump down old city lanes and mermaids just might be real. She lives in San Antonio, is an award-winning speaker, and sometimes rides a unicorn to work.

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